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Teldar Staffing Services, LLC is a Georgia Staffing Service dedicated to helping improve the Home Service Industry by providing high quality and dedicated employees to our clients.  Teldar has been providing the highest quality candidates to our clients in the Atlanta area for many years.

Teldar Staffing Services, LLC specializes in matching top talented professional candidates with Home Service Industry Companies for Temporary, Temp to Hire, Temp Contract, Temporary Staffing Services, Contract Projects and Direct Hire placement positions.  We service short term, long term or project based staffing requirements. Teldar works with clients and candidates only in the State of Georgia.

What makes Teldar Staffing Services, LLC unique among the other staffing agencies in the Atlanta area is our commitment to know our candidates on a personal level to provide quality employees that are cost effective for employers. We assess candidates by skill level and background. This, together with comprehensive Face-to-Face interviews with all candidates provides the crucial yet often overlooked important components of a productive employee: Interpersonal skills and professional appearance. Our candidates are not assigned by computer or location only; They are fully screened by our experienced interviewers to make sure you get the right individuals to fit your business. This also allows our clients to focus their time on running their Service Business–and leave the STAFFING to us.

Teldar Staffing Services, LLC is able to handle all of your home service staffing needs.  Teldar can handle all areas of employee recruitment including advertising, hiring, and payroll processing.

Teldar Staffing Services, LLC works specifically with the following Industries: Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC Service Industry), Handyman Service Industry, Tree Service Industry, Roofing Industry, Appliance Repair Industry, General Home Service Contracting

Teldar runs weekly polls for our clients about their staffing experience to ensure their expectations are being meet. 

At Teldar, we strive to be the highest quality provider of New Home Service Hires in the Atlanta area. 

Teldar takes great pride in our ethics, responsiveness, customer service and all of our clients staffing needs. Our clients again and again consider us an outstanding business and Home Service Staffing partner. 

Contact us anytime via email at employment@teldarstaffing.com


Contact Information: Email us anytime at employment@teldarstaffing.com

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